We help
to understand
We provide an individual schedule for each student
Free parents from explaining the subject to their children
Develop an understanding of math and improve grades
The teacher in the first lesson will:
Provide a personal educational plan
Simplify complicated ideas
Assess the student’s knowledge level
Give detailed feedback to parents
Your kid will love math with us!
Advantages of studying:
Individual study pace
No need to catch up with someone or wait, like in group lessons. The student masters the material individually at a pace convenient for themselves, together with the teacher.
Study when comfortable
We select the schedule specifically for you. If necessary, we will organize classes both at 8 am and at 8 pm. You don't need to go anywhere.
We carefully analyze kids’ understanding of the subject, revise tough topics, and provide feedback.
Test every 5 lessons
We tailor an approach for each student, taking into account the child’s personality. We provide motivation, support before difficult tests. Of course, we are very flexible and ready to alter the plan to meet student’s interests and needs.
Individual approach
Let your child learn from the pros!
Whether you prefer experienced teachers, those  who have a Bachelor's degree, or both, we will find suitable mentors for you.
Our courses are suitable for those who want to:
Free up your time from checking homework
Help the child understand and love the subject
Achieve better grades and fill in knowledge gaps
Who are we?
Hello World School was founded in 2018. At the end of 2020, in the list of 50 Top EdTech companies we took 37th place and the status of the fastest growing online school. We conduct over 25000 lessons for children per month.
Where are we located?
We have an online school with individual lessons, we work wherever there is an Internet.
It's better than regular classes because:
✅ individual lessons, there is only a student and a teacher;
✅ the teacher sees what the student is doing throughout the lesson;
✅ the student is not distracted by conversations with other children, but he can communicate with the teacher;
✅ no need to wait or catch up with other students, you can learn at a pace that is comfortable for the student;
✅ individual schedule, and if the student missed the lesson, then continue exactly from the place where you finished the last time.
How long are our courses?
We have individual lessons with students and the duration of the course is not fixed, because:
- each student has an individual learning rate;
- someone is engaged 1 time per week, someone 2, and someone 3 times a week;
- someone is engaged in 1 hour 20 minutes, and someone 55 minutes;
- there are deviations from the program, the student wants to sort out his questions - the teacher will do this together with him.
Anyway, how long are the courses?
It all depends on when the training started:
- preparing before the exams;
- for good results, we recommend starting to prepare for exams at least a year in advance.

As a rule, students come to us and start with simple tasks, after which they move on to tasks of medium complexity. If we see that the material is given to the student easily, then we transfer it to a more complex program.
Can we cancel or reschedule a lesson?
Yes. The main thing is to notify us 4 hours before the lesson.

If the teacher came to the lesson, but the student was not there and we were not warned, then we are sad, call parents, and count the lesson as completed.
Who are our teachers?
Young and very smart students of the best universities who are aware of all the changes in exams:
- themselves graduated from their schools with the highest scores
- successfully study at desired universities;
- not only explain the subject well, but also help to fall in love with it;
- give the best motivation - a dream, help to believe in it and achieve it.
What kind of computer or laptop do you need?
In simple words, if computer programs run on a computer without brakes, then it is suitable for classes. If we talk about technical characteristics, then a 4-core processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz or more and 8GB of RAM. A hard drive (preferably SSD) and a video card are not important.
Let's talk now!
Leave your phone number, we will call you back and answer all your questions.
I have been preparing for the exam in mathematics (grade 11) at Hello World for the second month. I would like to express my gratitude to Anna! She is a wonderful teacher, she explains complex things in simple words! A lot of topics frightened me, but thanks to Anna, now I solve these tasks with ease! Lots of theory and practice!

I especially like that we not only study topics and solve tasks, but also work on the underline, I write all my homework by hand. A lot of psychological and organizational preparation during classes. Many thanks also to the curators of the school, who have supported me since the beginning of my learning journey!
Many thanks to Hello World school!!!! I wish you success!!!
I am very glad that I found a good school for my child. Mathematics teacher Maria is very attentive to the needs of students, gives the material simply and clearly. Finally, in the thinking of my daughter, there was a realization that mathematics is not deadly boring and difficult.

The pleasures don't end there. I am also pleased with the position of the school in relation to clients. A comfortable working space has been created for children. For parents - reminders of classes and reports on the work done. I also want to note soft unobtrusive marketing - a rarity in our time of aggressive competition. Thanks to the management and staff of the school for the work done and special thanks to the teacher. Keep it up! Good luck to you and u
Many thanks for the attention to my children, for the reminders (they are very important) in such a difficult time for children. All the teachers are great, as my son says, he is 13 and in my opinion he not only likes to study, but also to communicate! Thank you for your approach to the education of children, we will continue to learn!
My daughter (grade 6) has been studying mathematics for 2 months with Maria. There were problems with mastering the material at school. I really like the teacher, and appreciate they make allowance for a late start time. The organizers always warn about the beginning of the lesson, and always find an opportunity to reschedule the lesson. I can’t say about the results yet, but my daughter has gained confidence in the subject. We will continue our education.
Good evening. My daughter (grade 6) has been studying mathematics with Evgeny since October, today she has very positive results, and today, for the first time in 6 years of study, she received three “A”s in mathematics and not just, but for a test.🤗 thank you very much Evgeny for clear explanations and patience. for such assessments we will continue training)
Good day to everyone. I am very grateful to my teacher for helping me improve my algebra, but now we have grandiose goals to study geometry. Maria is a very good and kind teacher. I wish there were more people like her.
Good afternoon!
My daughter is engaged in mathematics and programming, I like it very much, it is very exciting, informative, helping parents. Great teachers.
I am very grateful to our teacher Camila for the ability to find a common language with my child. Before classes with Camila, we had 3 teachers, but there were no significant changes in the assimilation of the subject. With Camila, we have been studying for about 2 months and already in mathematics we get a solid B+.
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