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Sign up for the first lesson
Online one-on-one programming lessons
Track results with your teacher`s constant feedback
We explain complex concepts with simple words
At the first lesson
Your child will meet their private teacher who will stay with your child for the rest of the course;

Will create their first project (game, program or a website page) and see what to expect from future classes.
No boring stuff, a lot of practice.
Feedback from your teacher about your child's overall perfomance.
We conduct private lessons with
a personal teacher over Zoom.
Lessons are in English.
Each lesson takes 55 minutes.
Each course is divided into 3-5 blocks based on difficulty level:
We can help you to select the perfect course for your child
Each block takes 15-27 lessons to complete on average.
  • having fun creating games instead of playing them;
  • learning how to overcome challeging tasks;
  • using their math skills and logic to find a perfect solution;
  • developing their abstract thinking, seing non-obvious connections, and expressing their creativity.
Your child will master the basics of programming through making games
Scratch for beginners
AGE 6-11
Our teachers
Irene Schouten
Teaches how to create games and teaches computer literacy
«I teach children to make websites and games in the Scratch language. I'm always super pleased when, after six months of classes, they have already started making their own websites. I teach at the university, but that's a whole other story.»
Only 1 out of 5 candidates becomes a teacher at Hello world school.
Our teachers undergo advanced training and regular quality control of lessons.
Teachers work as programmers, so they understand their field and know programming not only in theory, but also in practice.
We specialize in hiring young and talented guys who can become a mentor and role-model for children and communicate with students in the same language.
Each teacher goes through 4 stages of interviews and rigorous training. Therefore, from the first minutes of the lesson, they easily find common ground with a diversity of children and know how to explain difficult things in words they'll understand.
How it works
We will help you to choose a course and day and time for the 1st lesson and will send a link for the lesson
Step 1
Step 2
Join the lesson via Zoom (use a laptop or PC), your kid will create their first project
Step 3
Discuss results with your teacher and agree on days and time for the lessons
Step 4
Continue studies with your personal teacher according yo your schedule and track results with our feedback
Did you find our programs interesting?
Our advisors will be happy to answer all of your questions, kindly leave your details.
Benefits of studying
The teacher works with your child individually, complementing the program based on their interests. Therefore, your kid will be 100% involved in the learning process and will be able to discuss their ideas with a teacher and bring them to life.
Individual approach
Development of many skills
We combine aspects from science, tech, engineering, art, and math to teach courses like coding, web development, program creation, graphic design and so on. These skills will help your kid to become successful and develop their mind.
Do it when it suits you
The schedule is selected specifically for your kid, at appropriate day and time; your teacher is always the same person. You don't need to leave your house and even not stop the educational process even on vacation.
Learning by Doing
Kids get excited when they make something and may show a result to parents or friends. Most of our class time is dedicated to making projects so that your kid`s interest could raise from lesson to lesson.
First lesson is $15 only!
Then you may buy a package
All lessons are individual, each lasts 55 min, we conduct them via Zoom.
Packages are refundable and have no time limit - you can pause your education for any period of time.
We will create a personal schedule for you, you may study once, twice a week (or even more) at appropriate time.
Two lessons per week
8 lessons
per lesson
One lesson per week
4 lessons
One month
Two months
One lesson per week
12 lessons
per lesson
Two lessons per week
24 lessons
One year
One lesson per week
48 + 8 lessons for free
per lesson
How much is the course?
Depends on how many times per week your child is going to study. We don`t offer any monthly packages. 
You may buy a number of lessons and use them. It is very convenient!
The price for the lesson starts from $15.
What payment methods are available?
The following secure payment methods are available: 

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and China UnionPay via Stripe
  • Visa, Mastercard, PayPal via PayPal.
You`ll receive a check by email as soon as you make a successful payment.
Why the 1st lesson is not free?
The first lesson is not introductory, it will be 100% practical lesson one-on-one with your potential teacher. The duration is 55 minutes. Even at the first lesson your child will make a first game, program or web site (depends on a course you choose). 

After the lesson the teacher will talk to you, will give the feedback and will be happy to give recommendations and answer your questions!
How can I book a teacher for my child? What is the timing?
Kindly write us in WhatsApp the day and time for the first lesson when you are available and, our manager will be happy to find the best teacher for your child. 

After the lesson we will contact you to create your personal schedule. You may also discuss the appropriate hours with the teacher.
How do I get into the online classroom?
We use Zoom. (We can also use GoogleMeet, Skype and so on).

After we agree on a day and time for the first lesson we will send you the link by WhatsApp (by email if you need).

If you need any technical support - just let us know. We will help you remotely.
Is the safety of a kid ensured?
Children are only in contact with official teachers who have signed an official contract with Hello world school. Our managers check chats and our supervisors examine lessons with the purpose of quality control. No one has access to personal information.
Benefits of studying
Individual learning pace
No need to catch up with someone or wait, as in a classroom at school or clubs. Students study the material at a comfortable pace with a mentor.
Children learn with ease
The teacher works with the student individually, complementing the program based on his interests. Therefore, our students are 100% involved in the learning process.
Do it when it suits you
The schedule is selected specifically for the student, if necessary, we will organize a lesson both at 8 am and at 20 pm. You don't need to leave your house.
Leave your mobile phone number
Our academic councilor will call you (our number is +44 1224 051856) to ask you important questions about your kid's experience.

We need it to make the first lesson useful.
We respect your privacy
Feedback on our classes
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