Your kid will start programming instead of |

Online coding with your private coach
We explain complex concepts with simple words
Track results with our constant feedback

Your kid will start programming instead of

Your kid will start programming instead of |

Online coding with your private coach
We explain complex concepts with simple words
Track results with our constant feedback
At the first lesson the child will:
create their first personal video game or website page ;
meet a teacher, who will become a good friend and a mentor for your kid;
realize that programming games can be as fun as playing them!
Our teachers
«Programs are our thoughts in motion. Learning the programming languages helps us learn how to express our thoughts».
«I teach children to make websites and games in the Scratch language. I'm always happy when even after a short period of time my students start making their own websites».
and 200 more teachers...
«I teach children to create video games. We also make presentations, work with Excel and learn to use computer 's capabilities to the fullest».
Teaches computer literacy and how to create games
Irene Schouten
Teaches how to create websites and computer programs
Ravil Safar
Teaches how to create websites and video games
Michael Naiman
All our teachers have hands-on programming experience as well as academic training.
We hire young and talented teachers who have a way with children and can easily find common ground with them.
The teacher will encourage your child to keep learning and will help to develop a genuine passion for programming.

We will help you to select the perfect course for your child

Each course is divided into 3-5 blocks based on difficulty level: beginner, intermediate, advanced.
Each block takes 15-27 lessons to complete on average. Keep in mind that we have an individual approach to every student, we adjust to their studying pace.
7-11 years old
Scratch for beginners
Your child will master the basics of programming through making games as well as...
  • having fun creating games instead of playing them;
  • learning how to overcome challeging tasks;
  • using their math skills and logic to find a perfect solution;
  • developing their abstract thinking, seing non-obvious connections, and expressing their creativity.
9-16 years old
For Roblox lovers
Your child will learn to make 3D games as well as...
  • programming and the coding language Lua;
  • seeing their favorite games from a programmer's perspective;
  • learning to use their computer as a tool rather than a toy;
  • getting a chance to apply the knowledge of mathematics and other subjects they had acquired at school.
12-16 years old
Website development
Your child will learn how the internet works and learn to create their own websites as well as...
  • acquiring the skills needed for a career as a programmer at a young age;
  • learning to search for information on the Internet safely and efficiently;
  • developing creativity and learning the principles of design;
  • improving their computer skills and learning to read documentation.
12-16 years old
Creating computer programs in Python
Your child will learn to write the very same computer programs you use as well as...
  • realizing that creating programs can be captivating as playing video games;
  • learning to think like a programmer and to use the same tools real developers use;
  • learning to search for information on  the Internet and read documentation;
  • applying knowledge from mathematics and logic in real-life projects.
Benefits of studying
Individual approach
No need to catch up with someone or wait. Study whenever it’s convenient for you, all in the comfort of your own home.
Study whenever it’s convenient for you. All you need is a laptop or PC, internet access and being eager to learn.
Do it when it suits you
Choose your own schedule, we have a flexible approach to it. It`s up to you how many lessons a week to have.
Leave your mobile phone number
We will reach you out to answer your questions and to ask you about your child's experience for the first lesson to be tailored to your needs and interests.
We respect your privacy
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