Preparing for the first Roblox lesson
Registration in Roblox
We recommend using a computer mouse. This will significantly speed up the learning process and make it more efficient.
To get started, you need to follow the link
Use a computer mouse
A registration form will appear.
Fill in the date of birth, enter the nickname (login) and password.
Kindly write them down somewhere NOT TO FORGET
Choose the gender. (girl/boy).
Click the "Sign Up" push button to register.
Then automatically go to the Roblox home page.
Roblox main page
You must specify an email address, otherwise the program will not start.
On the main page of Roblox, click the gear on the right, then "Settings".
Setting up Roblox
Go to settings.
Сlick "Add Parent's Email". Setting up Roblox, a window for entering an email address for user verification will appear.
You need to enter an email address and click on the "Add Email" button.
A letter from Roblox will be sent to your by email, where you will find the link "Verify Email", click on.
Download Roblox Studio
Go to the “Create” page in the top menu, click "Create" and on the page that opens, click "Start Creating".Download Roblox Studio a window will appear in which you can download the Roblox Studio application. Click on the "Download Studio" button.
Run the installation file "RobloxStudioLauncherBeta".
Wait for the download and installation.
Launching Roblox Studio
After installation, the program will open automatically."Roblox Studio" will appear on the desktop to launch the program. Enter your username and password. Click the "Log In" button.
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